International Day

      This was a fun activity day at the school. Each classroom dressed up like they were from different countries. The children made a colorful dragon in art class. In Kuwait school/work days are Sunday-Thursday. Friday-Saturday is the weekend. The majority of the population Muslim.

     Jumu’ah (Friday Prayers) are done inside the Mosque. Muslim men are required to bathe, dress nicely and pray. Women either pray behind the men, in rows adjacent to men, with a curtain dividing men and women, or in a separate prayer room. Doing so, helps avoid any distraction during pray time. You can hear the call to prayer broadcast over loudspeakers just before 12PM (noon) every Friday!

Our class was China; can you say adorable?

      Everyone did a great job decorating their individual classrooms. The elementary kids got to tour the building to see all the other students and teachers hard work. Mrs. Mecca looks so pretty in front of this sign. She is an amazing teacher, who the students adore. Mecca does such a good job emphasizing how to properly pronounce words in English.

Can you guess which country the class below is representing?

Their flags alone practically give it away.

Did you answer Egypt? You’re absolutely right.

     After the festivities, we all enjoyed some yummy food. Parents, students and teachers brought in things that corresponded with the country theme for each classroom. We had Chinese of course. Everyone ate in the cafeteria so we were able to taste food from other classes as well. It was really nice for everyone to share.

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