I’ve been a loyal sponsor for thirteen years. This commitment helps provide Carolina’s community with greater access to nutritious food, improved health care, hygiene, and educational opportunities. Things often taken for granted, until you don’t have them.

     Carolina’s doing fine. Her father, mother, five sisters, brother and I are so grateful. After mailing some gifts for her 6th birthday (2008) they sent me a photo to let me know she got them. I enjoy receiving personal letters, photos, and artwork. I’ve been saving everything because it’s special to me.

     World Vision is a reputable charity organization. If you’re unable to make a long-term commitment they will accept a one-time gift without any obligation whatsoever to make future contributions.

     If you’re interested in sponsoring a child please visit to search by age, gender, country and date of birth.

      I chose to sponsor a girl who shared my birthday (July 27th) so that we’d have something special in common.

Carolina and I (holding a doll) side by side, both at two years of age.

     I’ll be there for Carolina as long as she needs me because it’s an incredibly rewarding experience.

Carolina has grown into a beautiful young lady over the years.

It only takes a little generosity to make a big difference in our world.


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