Birthday Girls

I would like to share a couple photos with you of me and my cousin Rochelle. As an adult now looking back at the photo on the LEFT I wonder what “Chelle” wished for before she blew out her birthday candles. As a child I just wished she’d hurry up and blow them out so we could eat the cake. A […]

Kalah and Anthony

My cousin Kalah and her new hubby Anthony had a rooftop wedding yesterday. (8/21)          Seriously, my cousins Kalah, Sarah, and Amanda (who are all sisters) look like Barbie dolls. They’re so beautiful. Speaking of sisters here is a photo of us from the wedding reception. Monica, Astede, Great Grandfather, Me, and our Mom (Jann). […]

Weekly Dose Post #15

This is stuff I found while browsing the net. Check back every Monday for more… Joke of the Week: Why was the lady’s hair angry? Because she was always teasing it. Weird Fact of the Week: One in every four Americans has appeared on television. Extra Note: Now I’m not exactly sure how accurate this is but […]