Auntie’s Day

Today, not only do I celebrate the gift of being an auntie, but also my 34th and Carolina’s 12th birthday.  Oh my look at those puppy dog eyes. Mirror, mirror, on the baby jumper who is the fairest baby of them all? James (gasp) wait a second mirror did you just say James? You do […]

Bored Silly Song

Is it really gonna be another one of those days again? “I am so bored with nothing to do, Oh poo!” This short song I “created” actually made me smile while bouncing my shoulders up and down. After listening to it over 5x I lost count. If you can envision a music video to go […]

Birthday Girls

I would like to share a couple photos with you of me and my cousin Rochelle. As an adult now looking back at the photo on the LEFT I wonder what “Chelle” wished for before she blew out her birthday candles. As a child I just wished she’d hurry up and blow them out so we could eat the cake. A […]