Weekly Dose Post #320

This is stuff I found while browsing the net. Check back every Monday for more… Joke of the Week: Where do sheep get their hair cut? At the baa-baa shop. Weird Fact of the Week: Jennifer Beals has appeared in more than 50 films but is widely known for playing the role of Alexandra “Alex” […]

I got this dress for my sister as a gift.

It’s fun to buy clothes and envision what it’ll look like on someone. I think I have good taste. Perhaps, a wardrobe stylist would be a fun job but that is not an option I’d have the luxury to explore at this time. I must stick to my tedious grind. Do you enjoy shopping and trying […]

Fancy Candy

The lady who used to make these chocolates is currently 92 years old but now her grandson makes them. The grandmother still works at the register in her candy shop downtown. Talk about a strong work ethic. She must really enjoy running this small family business. Her gourmet chocolate was one of the things inside the celebrity […]

Free Souvenir

When vacationing it’s always a nice gesture to buy yourself, family and friends souvenirs. When I was in The Bahamas, I was so overwhelmed with the majestic waters and activities that I really didn’t spend much time in any of those gift shops. As my vacation was coming to a close I realized that I […]