Won’t you smile a while for me?

I hope you like the 100+ games that was recently added to my site. It took quite some time to get everything uploaded. If any of them will bring a smile to your face or small moments of enjoyment to your day, then it was well worth it! Does anyone remember that good old school […]


Young Shutterbug

Here’s a few photos that I took several years ago: Puppy (1990), Park (1993), and Ocean (1997) These concepts were pretty good for me to be so young and only having a disposable camera to work with. I didn’t own my first digital camera until 2006 but have been thankful ever since… No more wasted […]

Read Me A Story

When I was a little girl I liked Bernstein Bears, Little Critter, and Dr. Suess but I must say my favorite book was entitled: “Mother, Mother, I Want Another” by Maria Polushkin. The story line was so cute and I was fortunate enough to have a mom who read bedtime stories to me. The son […]