Long Overdue

Did you know that I’ve had the same “Girl in Green” theme since launching my blog 2,465 days ago? It was so outdated that WordPress no longer offered it as an option anymore. I’ve finally decided to spruce it up a bit with the “Blissful Blog” theme and change the font color to black so that it can be […]


Hungry for Happiness

Well, there are so many different ways to fulfill that appetite. To name just a few that I’ve come up with: 1 person + religion + faith = happiness 1 person + another person + legitimate love/friendship = happiness 1 person + enjoyable career + ample compensation = happiness 1 person + hobbies + spare […]

I truly appreciate your readership!

Your likes, follows, and sweet emails continue to make me smile. Let’s all celebrate 2013 plus many more years together. You know how they have Comic-Con? Well, I wish there was an annual event called “Blogtastic Fanatics” or something where bloggers & readers could mingle face to face. I think if we met offline, we’d […]