Chicken Sliders

My sister Monica treated me to lunch at a restaurant in Kuwait called Slider Station. I haven’t heard of this place before eating there today. I ordered some chicken sliders. One was named Barack Obama and the red color bun slider was referred to as Michael Jackson. They were both tasty but I enjoyed Obama […]

America’s Biracial President

I cannot believe it has been a year since we voted. Some people made a big fuss about Barack Obama in regards to the whole race issue. Just for kicks here’s what he may have looked like as a white man. I like the real photo on the left better. Seriously, his race doesn’t matter but […]

The Obama’s

America’s First Family will have the chance to squash ignorant stereotypes. Sure hope they’ll succeed with that endeavor. Change was heard so many times and I believe that it will be for the better. Michelle & Barack Obama seem like friendly educated people who genuinely care about America’s future. Their daughters Malia and Sasha are lovely young girls. What […]