Shattered Glass Chicken Breast

Where I live it’s not uncommon to occasionally hear noises outside, such as a car backfire, music blasting, people yelling, or gunshots but when I heard an unrecognizable “pop” sound that was louder than normal, I had to investigate.

For reasons unbeknownst to me the glass pan used to bake a single chicken breast exploded inside the oven. 
I had it on the proper temperature (400°F) and everything, so this was just beyond weird!

They say there’s a first time for everything but hopefully I won’t experience this type of incident ever again. 
Glass was stuck to the piece of chicken.
When I flipped it over, it didn’t budge at all.
I wore gloves to remove the big shards of glass and then used a damp paper towel to pick up the tiny slivers. 
After doing all of that I figured why not clean the oven from top to bottom since it’s been a while. I‘ve prepared many meals for myself and family since this happened so the oven still works fine.

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