Please Pray for Monica & Omari!

     My sister (Monica) and her son (Omari) got into a car accident this morning. She was rear-ended and it wasn’t her fault but unfortunately Monica’s vehicle was totaled. She took her son to the pediatrician to make sure he’s okay. Everything checked out that all is well. He was in a car seat and she had her seat-belt on.

     After hearing the news I felt so helpless. All I can do is pray that from this day forward she’ll always be a safe driver who’s only surrounded by safe drivers while on the road. Also that there will not be any whiplash or aftermath injuries to my sister or nephew. I love them both very much and thank God for letting them continue to live and walk away unharmed. She said her son just said “uh-oh” when it occurred and didn’t even cry. Car Seats Rock!

     May every single one of you have safe traveling experiences. Whether it be by bus, car, train, plane, bicycle, foot, or Tarzan ropes. However you get from point A to point B may you get there safely with no bodily harm whatsoever. I am always trying to put positive words and energy out into the universe.

     Please allow my sister to acquire a new/used safe reliable vehicle as soon as possible. The most recent photo I have of my incredibly beautiful sister and nephew are from Christmastime. They’re both beloved by many.

I thank you all for your prayers and compassion. God bless you for having a good heart!


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