Weekly Dose Post #280

This is stuff I found while browsing the net. Check back every Monday for more…
Joke of the Week:

Husband sent a text to his wife at night.

It read: “Hi I will get in late, please try and wash all my dirty clothes and make sure you prepare my favorite dish before I return.”

He sent another text: “I almost forgot to tell you that I got an increase in my salary and at the end of the month I’m getting you a new car.”

She text back, “OMG really?”

Husband replied: “No, but I just wanted to make sure you got my first message.”

Weird Fact of the Week:

The Statue of Liberty features 7 points in her crown – one for each of the continents.

Quote of the Week:

“Instead of wondering when the your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape from.” – Seth Godin

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