Sprucing Up Wooden Beads

I own a brown dress with this decorative beaded collar and braided strap.

After just one wash it got ruined and I exclaimed “Oh, No!” when pulling it out of the washing machine. Was the harshness of the chemicals inside the laundry detergent what caused the beads to fade?

I try to handle my nicer clothes carefully.

They are usually washed on the gentle cycle in cold water and hung to dry, regardless of what the care instructions say.

This is how I am able to keep clothes for years and years.

I almost pitched it but after looking down at my painted my fingernails as I was going to toss it in the garbage can, I stopped and thought…Why not use clear nail polish to make the dull wooden beads look new again and revamp the dress?

Actually they weren’t even shiny to begin with so there was a noticeable improvement.

Which means I’ll be able to wear it again, hurray! 🙂



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