Rose Petal Flower

Let’s create a table decoration that can be used for romantic dinners or social gatherings.

The smaller tip of the fabric petals should point inward with the bigger rounded edges facing outward.
I used a dinner plate as a template for the circumference of the circle.
For a smaller one try using an upside down soup bowl.

The size depends on your personal preference.

However, you can make either-or, both versions, or some that are the same size.

Overlap the petals on the triangle gaps. Carefully go round and around placing one at a time.

Continue doing this until there are no spaces remaining.

Just make sure you’re not trying to do this around any fans blowing or a heavy breeze coming through windows.

All done, good job my friend.

Now you can leave it like that or put a flameless LED tea light candle or candies (i.e. Hershey’s kisses, peppermints, etc.) in the center of it.

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