Paper & Magnetic Dolls

I remember trying to find paper dolls for Carolina back in 2011 to no avail, so I wound up printing one out for her instead.

Fast forward to 2013 seeing magnetic dress up dolls in the store refreshed my memory.

I can recall how much fun I had playing with simplistic things as a small child. My all time favorite was the Punky Brewster paper dolls. You could change the outfits by folding the tabs over her body.

I understand how the costs of things go up, due to inflation but these dolls/books are overpriced and cost way more (10x the price) than what was originally paid for them back in the day. Remember when toys were simple? Do they even produce paper dolls anymore? Can you believe that this book from nineteen eighty six is considered vintage. 1906 is understandable but since when did 1986 become vintage?


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