Apple Crisp with and without Pecans

Here’s two slightly different versions I’ve made of this warm dessert that makes the house smell delicious.

Check out the cinnamon apples sweetness on the inside.

Wanna know the shortcut I use when making this?

Use a can of apple pie filling then cut up fresh apples to fill up the rest of the dish.

Mix it nicely so there’s that sweet and tart flavor combo.

Another shortcut; use premade topping just add butter. For the record I’ve made everything from scratch before but it really depends on my baking mood.

Spread the oat crumbs mixture over the apples…

I’ll also place some pecans on top this time around.

To give it a little extra crunch.

Now it’s prepped and ready to bake; off we go…

You can enjoy “Apple Crisp” for the holidays, or any day for that matter!

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