Pacifier Cupcakes

Okay so I baked a dozen cupcakes just to practice frosting them. It wasn’t an easy task but since I love ya and don’t mind sharing ideas, I’ve created easy step by step directions to follow…

I added food coloring to white (vanilla) frosting.

Stirred it up with a spoon.

Then added different colors to separate plastic bags and cut the tips off so the frosting could easily squeeze out.

Before I go any further let me show you one of my cupcake failures.

My mom was laughing so hard her face turned red. Gee, thanks for the moral support. I tried different variations but they also looked lame. Experimented with simple white frosting but that seemed too boring for the occasion. After all that, I almost threw in the towel…

However, with perseverance the end result was awesome and you’ll see soon enough that anyone willing can recreate what I accomplished.

★ Step 1: Simply frost the cupcake.

★ Step 2: Add a green curved horseshoe shape.

★ Step 3: Create a slightly bent hot dog shape.

Blue for boys, red food coloring will become pink for girls, green (mix both) for unknown sex of the baby.

★ Step 4: Add two white dots of frosting on the hot dog shape.

★ Step 5: Now design a yellow shape.

The best way I can describe it is three-fourths of the number 8 or a peanut shell.

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