Cream Cheese Ball

It’s great for holiday get-togethers and so easy to make. There’s no cooking required just mix the ingredients together. You’ll need two (8 ounce) bars of cream cheese, 4 thinly sliced pieces of ham (optional), green onions, a spoonful of seasoned salt or Mrs. Dash table blend, 1 cup of pecan chips, and any type of crackers you prefer.

I like to mix the cream cheese and seasoning with a mixer to get it nice and soft.

This will prevent the crackers from breaking when they get dipped into it.

Put the chopped green onions into the mixing bowl and stir with a regular spoon.

To get the ham pieces very tiny use a cutting board and two sharp kitchen knives.

This is what the inside looks like without ham (left) and with ham (right).

I made a smaller vegetarian version (left) and a bigger one with meat (right).

After rolling it into a ball shape, there are a couple of ways to add the pecans. You can spread the chopped pecans onto a flat surface and roll it in them to coat or just sprinkle the pecan chips on it after you place on a plate. With the second option there won’t be any pecans on the bottom but it’ll still look great.

With the cold and flu season it might be a good idea to make mini balls so your party guests can just pick one up and put on their plate. If you decide to make both versions you can stick a toothpick inside the one with ham and garnish the vegetarian ball with a parsley leaf. Or put them on different color plates and tell the guest which is which or make a mini sign in front of the plate. Enjoy the cream cheese ball(s) my precious friends.

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