Wrapping It Up

Some baby items don’t need to be wrapped individually. You can put them in a gift bag or a gift box like I did. First, put tape on the back of each item and arrange them a certain way.

Then place them inside the box.

Put some tissue paper down and place the main gift on top.

Uh oh, it didn’t properly cover it all the way but don’t fret just yet.

We can fix this right up.

A nice tip is to place the sheet of tissue paper outside the box and then fold over a bit so it matches the length.

Now tuck each end under so it’ll look nice.

Close the lid of the box because now it’s time to wrap it.

You can use the scissors to help hold the wrapping paper in place wile you tape.

The elephant details on the baby shower wrapping paper says goo goo ga ga & da da ma ma

Let’s top it off with a bow and some decorative ribbon.

Cut approximately 24 inches of ribbon.

Now cut that into tiny 4-6 inch pieces.

Close the scissors and run each one across while pushing down with your thumb to curl them.

Arrange them in a circular shape then tape em’ down.

Place the bow on top.

The only thing left is to attach the greeting card.

This one has a nice message if you’d like to read it.

After you sign the card place it back in the envelope and on top of the gift box.

The inside is signed with an ink pen but not the outside.

Did you forget who you was talking to? Oh, yeah baby it’s glitter time…

It’s finally finished!

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