You’re Appreciated

Today is Friendship Day; which takes place on the first Sunday of August every year. It’s nice to have a day that celebrates friendship but we don’t need any special occasions to enjoy each others company.

Dear Treasured Friend,

I want you to know that you are truly appreciated 24/7/365 (366 days on leap years).

Friends are like diamonds because…

They give hugs!

They ask, “how are you” because they care.

They are someone you could be yourself with.

They laugh at your lame jokes!

They are comfortable being with you, even in silence.

They hurt when you hurt.

They send postcards saying “wish you were here” and they mean it!

They let us speak!

They bring out the best in you!

They see our success before we do!

They know the real you and still like you!

They wish the best for you!

They encourage you!

They lift us up and don’t bring us down.

They know the right words to say at the right moment.

They are free counselors!

They make exercise more fun!

They won’t sugarcoat answers to your questions.

They remember special memorable events and dates!

They are considerate of your feelings.

They help you burn calories with laughter!

They will be your chauffeur when you need a ride.

They will help keep you cool when you are fired up.

They will listen while you vent.

They will treat you to breakfast, lunch, or dinner, just because.

They will get to you fast when you need them!

They keep us in their thoughts and pray for us.

They send you surprise gifts just for the fun of it!

They will house or pet sit for you in times of need.

They send you random pictures, emails, ecards, and text messages just to make you smile!

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