Weekly Dose Post #156

This is stuff I found while browsing the net. Check back every Monday for more…

Joke of the Week:

A guy goes to a girl’s house for the first time, and she shows him into the living room. She excuses herself to go to the kitchen to make them a few drinks, and as he’s standing there alone, he notices a cute little vase on the mantel. He picks it up, and as he’s looking at it, she walks back in.

He says “What’s this?” She says, “Oh, my father’s ashes are in there.”

He goes, “Jeez…oooh….I…”

She says, “Yeah, he’s too lazy to go to the kitchen to get an ashtray.”

Weird Fact of the Week:

The Statue of Liberty once functioned as a lighthouse. In 1886, U.S. President, Grover Cleveland, ordered that the statue serve as a lighthouse. After several failed attempts using the then-new electrical technology, the electric arc lights were eventually lit and were able to be seen from a distance of 24 miles away. The statue functioned as a lighthouse for the next 16 years, until March 1, 1902.

Quote of the Week:

“Being human, we are imperfect. That’s why we need each other.
To catch each other when we falter.
To encourage each other when we lose heart.
Some may lead; others may follow; but none of us can go it alone.” – Hilary Clinton

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