Empty Birds Nest

I’m one of those nature enthusiasts so when I seen the blue shell of a robin’s egg I wanted to snap a pic but before I could, my friend crushed it by stepping on it right in front of my face. My mouth immediately dropped open. When I got over the initial shock I asked him why’d he do that and he replied “There wasn’t a bird inside.”

True but it was rude because he seen how excited I got. I like listening to songbirds and when I told him to listen quietly while they sing he made this rawrrrrrrr noise and all the birds flew away. If he didn’t want to go to the park he should’ve let me know because I can go to the park solo and still enjoy myself.

One time I was sitting alone on a park bench feeding the birds bread crumbs and one flew down and sat on the top edge of the back rest. We were like two feet away from each other and he sat there for a little bit occasionally chirping and looking at me. I wonder what it was saying?

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