Organic Green Tea (No Sugar Required)

This fresh Xin Yang Mao Jian organic green tea from the Henan province in China is the best I’ve ever tasted, thus far. It’s also highly fragrant with a soothing aroma.

Once you open the plastic pouch you’ll notice a difference. The texture of the dehydrated leaves looks more like miniature twigs, not tiny crumbs that many of us are use to. Oops, forgot to take a pic to show that.

The leaves unravel after you immerse them in piping hot water. I enjoy sipping my tea and do that deliberately so even after 10 minutes have passed it’ll still be warm, so I won’t have to reheat it. Tea is nice after a hard day at work or while chit chatting with your special friends. The light snacks don’t hurt either.

This comes in a mesh cloth teabag unlike the paper ones that could potentially rip. You can definitely see the difference in the texture now that I cut the bag open with scissors and made a tree shape. Bye-Bye cutie pies!

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