No act of kindness is too small.

Being kind to others is always a good thing but on the same token don’t let others take advantage of you. People have taken advantage of me in the past and were extremely ungrateful for the things that I went out of my way to do for them. Sure you won’t ever get a trophy for being a kind person but if someone ever physically and/or mentally abuses you repeatedly after you’ve been nothing but nice then it’s time to move on and focus your efforts on others. Your spirit doesn’t deserve to be broken as a result of doing right. Don’t give up because there are people out there who’ll truly appreciate you. Even if they don’t ever say thank you. You’ll just know and feel it in your heart.
Here’s an extensive list of Random Acts of Kindness from
Make yourself happy and make the world a better place by doing kind things for strangers. It does not necessarily take any money, just a little time and effort. Pay it forward by helping others, and you will reap the rewards.

Greet people with a smile.
 Give your pet a special treat.
Shovel the sidewalk for a neighbor.
Stop for a pedestrian who is waiting to cross the street.
Pay a compliment at least once a day.
Clean graffiti from neighborhood walls and buildings.
Pick up litter while you are walking.
Call a friend or relative you haven’t talked to in awhile.
Leave an extra big tip for the wait person.
Hug people.
Share your lunch.
Pay attention to positive news that you hear and pass it on.
Hold the door open for the next person coming behind you.
Give to a charity.
Forgive someone who needs it from you.
Do chores in the house you don’t normally do.
Help people carry groceries or packages to their car.
Clean out your closet and donate clothing you no longer wear to goodwill.
Buy refreshments or snacks for the people sitting near you at a ball game.
Carry spare change with you and add quarters to a parking meter that is running low or has run out of money altogether.
Hold the elevator for anyone you see approaching.
Pick up litter and trash you see on the ground throughout the day and throw it in the garbage can.
Get an organ donor sticker for your driver’s license.
Always say “please”, “thank you” and “hello” to others.
Send a card and care package to military overseas.
Let someone go ahead of you at the bank.
Offer to pay for a meal, beverage or dessert for someone you see eating out alone.
Cut out interesting articles from the newspaper (or email a link) and give them to people who would enjoy them.
Pay for the bridge toll for the car behind you.
Donate blood to the local blood bank.
Lend a hand to a single parent by offering to watch their children free of charge.
Create a handmade gift such as a craft or painting and give it to someone.
When you buy food for your pet, purchase an extra bag of food and bring it to an animal shelter.
Let a friend know when a song, TV show or movie reminded you of them.
Visit a senior center in your community and donate your time to helping out.
Pay for the groceries of the person in front of you in line.
Give away balloons or flowers to your neighbors for free.
Send thank you notes to employees and staff at your doctor’s office or dentist office.
Offer to let the person behind you go first at the store or supermarket.
Place a flower from your garden on your neighbor’s porch or patio.
Volunteer to work at a soup kitchen.
Compliment your cashier or sales clerk to their superior.
Send kind gifts, cards and phone calls to bereaved people.
Volunteer your time and services for local non-profit organizations.
Visit a person who is home bound, bring a gift or meal and spend time with them.
Be patient with others when you would normally not be so.
Sing a song to someone else who enjoys music.
Send an old memorable photo to a friend.
Offer to run errands for a neighbor who keeps a busy life.
Offer free car washes to friends and neighbors.
Volunteer your time at a youth center and mentor the kids in need.
Buy extra movie tickets for the people behind you in line.
Plan a special day trip with your children as a surprise.
Offer extra physical contact to friends and family.
Bring a hot, home cooked meal to a friend without being asked.
Have a drawing at your school or work to bring small gifts to classmates or co-workers.
Create “kindness coupons” for friends and loved ones.
Offer to take pictures of couples and families who are visiting your area.
Help a neighbor bring their bags into their home.
Leave spare change in public pay phones for the next person who needs it.
Ask your friends to make a list of random acts of kindness and exchange the lists with others.
Volunteer your time at a local hospice.
Make bookmarks with kind, inspirational quotes and deliver them to strangers you meet.
Invite your neighbor over on occasion for coffee and conversation.
Contact your local garden club to make flower arrangements for senior communities and shelters.
Surprise your family during a random night to cook their favorite meal.
Wave back to everyone who waves at you.
Purchase a magazine subscription for local medical offices and hospitals.
Get involved in your youth community by mentoring children and teens.
Organize a clean-up party at your local park so the community can help keep your parks clean.
Listen to the problems of someone who is suffering and offer a helping hand.
Offer your help to someone in a financial bind.
Offer to walk and play with your neighbor’s animals.
Donate money or items to your local charities.
Help an elderly neighbor with household chores.
Pick up a neighbor’s newspapers when they are out of town.
Contact community programs in your area for a list of charities you can provide help to.
Offer your time at your school such as helping the office staff or putting away books in the library.
Invite a friend out to eat or to go to a movie and pay for them.
Share a list of what and who you are grateful for with your friends and family.
Offer to drive others who are unable to drive or do not own vehicles.
Start doing chores around the house you wouldn’t normally do and without being asked.
Get involved in a carpool to reduce air pollution.
Leave a copy of an interesting and inspiring book on a bus or train.
Send e-cards often to let people know how much you care about them.
Bring together a group of children to sing a concert at a senior center.
Act on your thoughts of generosity as they come such as complimenting someone when you think of it.
Look through the “wanted” ads in the newspaper and provide these people with the items they request.
Tell jokes often to your friends, co-workers and family members.
Mail a love letter to your partner.
Send gifts or cards to your siblings anonymously.
Buy a food item, beverage or dessert and give it to a stranger.
The next time you purchase stamps at the post office, leave some of your stamps near the stamp machine for the next person to use.
Stop what you’re doing to provide others assistance.
Listen intently when others speak to you and acknowledge you care about what they have to say.
Acknowledge a person’s greetings to you with one that is equally as kind.
Drop off teddy bears and other stuffed animals to the fire department for them to give out to children.
Bake cookies or other goodies and bring them to your neighbors as a kind gesture.
Hold the door open for the person coming behind you.
Buy new or used books and donate them to a local school or daycare facility.
Smile and say “thank you” to cashiers and sales clerks.
Acknowledge your previous teachers, letting them know how much of a difference they made in your life.
Give up your seat on the bus to someone else who needs it more than you.
Offer to give a friend or family member a massage.
Hand out reusable shopping bags to other customers at the grocery store.
Keep your neighborhood clean by picking up any trash you see.
Visit a friend, neighbor or family member who you know lives alone and would appreciate the company.
Give a gift certificate to a friend or family member when it is not a holiday or special occasion.
Leave anonymous notes of kindness for your teachers.
Have a kind conversation with a homeless person.
Bring a newly purchased toy or game to a children’s hospital.
Show your mail carrier your appreciation with a handwritten thank-you note left in the mailbox.
Offer to cut your neighbor’s bushes and hedges for free.
Ask people what they are thankful for, write down the responses and hand them to other people to read.
Bring a positive point into every conversation.
Drop off baked goods at random businesses in your area.
Befriend new students or co-workers at school or work to lend a helping hand and make them feel more comfortable.
Write notes of appreciation to members of the community who are helping others.
Put extra change in the washer and dryer at your laundromat.
Purchase extra tickets at a sports game or concert and offer them to the people behind you in line.
Ask neighbor’s kids if they want to go along with your kids to a movie or ball game.
Donate your time to others for special occasions such as babysitting, doing housecleaning or running errands.
Volunteer your time at a local animal shelter.
Show your appreciation for your teacher by giving him or her a plant, flower or small gift.
Email your friends and thank them when they help you go through hardships in your life.
Host programs at your local library such as having people read to children.
Drop loose change in areas where children play to allow them to find them.
Give positive praise and compliments to everyone you meet during any given day.
Give up your place in line to someone else who needs it, such as a mother with children or someone in a hurry.
Always drive courteously, being aware of others around you.
♥ Let other drivers pass the lane in front of you or pull over to let a faster driver go ahead of you.
Offer to take over carpool every day for a week or month.
Purchase bouquets of flowers and ask a meal delivery service to deliver them with the meals.
Help your elderly neighbor with cooking, errands and cleaning.
Offer your parking spot to another driver.
Volunteer to help out at your child’s school.
Smile and say hello to passersby.
Offer to help your neighbors with special projects such as gardening or painting their house.
Greet your doorman every day with a smile and tell him to have a good day.
Give your child the benefit of the doubt when he or she misbehaves.
Send handwritten cards and notes to friends and loved ones without needing a reason.
Always clean up after leaving any given place and try to leave it better than you found it by tidying up before you leave.
Knit or crochet hats and blankets for shelters and hospitals.
Include a handwritten note in your child’s lunch box every day.
Bring prepaid phone cards to a local homeless shelter so they can call their families or friends.
Set up a community garden where neighbors can plant flowers and crops.
Choose to adopt a pet from your local homeless shelter to give the pet a good home.
Make extra food when you prepare your dinner and bring the leftovers to a neighbor.
Purchase a roll of stickers and hand them out to children you see during any given day.
Avoid being the first person to pull away from a hug or a handshake.
Choose one of your favorite possessions and donate it to a shelter.
Donate new and used clothing items to a local shelter.
Cut out positive news stories and leave them in the break room for everyone to read.
Show your parents you care by holding their hands, even if you’re an adult.
Use your server’s name when addressing him or her and be kind throughout your stay.
Offer a parking spot you were saving to someone else and park in a further spot.
Have a pleasant conversation with other people in line. (I do this one all the time)
Give a very generous tip to a waiter that has been especially helpful.
If you manage a business, offer to donate a percentage of your sales to a local charity organization.
Send a thank-you card that is handwritten to someone who has helped you out in the past to show your genuine appreciation.
Clean the graffiti from your school or buildings around your neighborhood.
Invite someone you know lives alone to your home for dinner and a movie.
♥ Send flowers to the staff of a hospital who took good care of you during your visit.
Acknowledge youth in your neighborhood by asking them for their opinion on any given subject, and listen to what they have to say.
Give one of your favorite books to a friend or family member.
Give new or used toys to a children’s shelter.
Be kind to the environment by volunteering for park and beach clean-up days.
Show your appreciation for life’s gifts openly and publicly to allow others soak in this positivity and appreciate life themselves.
Offer to run errands for other people.
Ask your students to help clean the classroom so the custodian doesn’t have to.
Be generous with your smile and laughter.
Remember people by name when you are introduced to them.
Set up a lemonade or iced tea stand for your neighbors on a hot day.
Cheer up a friend who has been feeling down by taking him or her out to eat and spending quality time.
Introduce yourself to a new student at your school and offer your friendship.
Cook a meal for another family as a surprise.
Spend quality time with each of your children individually on a regular basis.
Purchase a roll of “Have a Nice Day” stickers and hand them out to strangers.
Purchase a computer for someone who is homebound and teach them how to use it.
♥ Compliment every person you meet for an entire day.
♥ Leave books you have read in public places where someone else can find it and read it.
♥ Give flower seeds and other gardening items to shelters.
♥ Bring a vase of flowers or potted plant to the workplace to be shared by your co-workers.
♥ Help an elderly person with his or her pets.
♥ Invite neighborhood kids over to teach them how to do crafts or cook.
♥ Help your neighbor take out the trash.
♥ Donate flowers, plants or baked goodies to a public service organization.
♥ Offer to babysit for a friend, family member or neighbor to give them a chance to go out.
♥ Show children the importance of kind acts by incorporating them into your school’s curriculum.
♥ Pay for the drinks of the table next to you at a restaurant.
♥ Donate items to your local animal shelter such as food, toys and accessories the animals need.
♥ Bring gifts to a nursing home they can use such as a gift basket with writing materials to write to their families.
♥ Send employees notes or recognition and encouragement.
♥ Share your lunch with someone who forgot to bring theirs.
♥ Leave funny jokes on pieces of paper for your co-workers to find.
♥ Pay for someone else’s coffee when you pay for yours.
♥ Pull out someone’s chair at the dinner table.
♥ Distribute positivity and hope to everyone you meet today.
♥ Renew old friendships with cards and gifts sent to them.
♥ Go the extra mile to help someone in need.
♥ Wheel out your neighbor’s trash and recycle bins on trash day if they have forgotten.
♥ Read to your children often.
♥ Make handmade items like scrapbooks or other crafts for friends and loved ones.
♥ Donate your used books to the local library.
♥ If you offer professional services to the community, do so for free on occasion.
♥ Help strangers with purchasing or loading their groceries.
♥ Open the car door for your passengers.
♥ Pick up the lunch or dinner tab for another table at the restaurant anonymously.
♥ Leave a kind and anonymous note for a friend or loved one where they will find it.
♥ Send anonymous gifts to friends and loved ones.
♥ Make breakfast in bed for a loved one.
♥ Organize a food and clothing drive to a local shelter.
♥ Hand out balloons to everyone who walks by.
♥ Give a generous tip to the next person who provides you a service.
♥ Give a hug to a good friend the next time you see them.
♥ Treat a friend to dinner and a movie for no reason.
♥ Spend a day cleaning up all of the trash and litter in your neighborhood.
♥ Scrape ice off someone else’s car in the morning before they leave for work.
♥ Recycle all of your paper, plastic, glass and aluminum products.
♥ Leave bowls of cat or dog food in parking lots where strays frequent.
♥ Surprise your friends and neighbors with a bouquet of flowers.
♥ Buy a bag of non-perishable groceries and give it to a family in need.
♥ Leave a flowers and a positive note for a co-worker who you have not befriended in the past.
♥ Leave extra coupons you did not use at the grocery store register for others.
♥ Take pictures of family members at parties and print the pictures for them.
♥ Leave chocolate or other treats on co-workers desks anonymously.
♥ Surprise your employees by allowing them to leave work early.
♥ Buy candy or magazines from children who solicit you.
♥ Offer to cook dinner for your family when your parents are having a hectic day.
♥ Bring books to the park and read to the other children.
♥ Acknowledge the cashier who has assisted you with a genuine compliment on his or her work performance.
♥ Offer to watch your neighbor’s children so they can go out and enjoy themselves.
♥ Ask the nursing home staff is anyone does not get visitors, and spend time with them.
♥ Spend more time with your pet and give it a special treat.
♥ Do yard work for a neighbor without being asked.
♥ Offer to return someone else’s shopping cart for them to save them the trip.
♥ Give a small gift to your mail carrier to show your appreciation.
♥ Inform the manager or supervisor of your waiter of what a great job they did.
♥ Introduce yourself to someone you see often but have never met.
♥ Go through your day with a positive outlook, as if the glass is half-full to spread your positivity around to others.
♥ Always speak kindly and gently to others.
♥ Avoid passing along gossip you happen to hear as often as possible.
♥ Call your grandparents and let them know how much they mean to you and have affected your life.
♥ Donate a box of groceries to your local food bank.
♥ Give a compliment to someone else at least once a day.
♥ Pump someone else’s gas and offer to pay for it.
♥ Call your parents to tell them you love and appreciate them.
♥ Give away items in good condition for free.
♥ Surprise a co-worker with a handwritten note and treat left on their desk.
♥ Join other people’s sports games in the park.
♥ Pull over to the side of the road and help someone change their tire.
♥ Provide members of your community with goods to show your appreciation such as the police department, fire fighters, cashiers and waiters.
♥ Buy a coffee for people selling newspapers or magazines on the street early in the morning.
♥ Always maintain eye contact with speaking with someone.
♥ Offer your services to Habitat for Humanity and help build a home for the less fortunate.
♥ Send anonymous flowers to your office staff.
♥ Be kind to the environment by turning off lights and unplugging appliances not currently in use.
♥ Buy a cup of coffee and give to a homeless person.
♥ Get rid of old things you no longer have a use for a donate them to charities and organizations in need.
♥ Give a loved one your undivided attention.
♥ Compliment a co-worker on his or her outstanding work performance.
♥ Keep umbrellas and blankets in your car and pass them out to homeless on cold and rainy days.
♥ Offer to do a task for someone else in school or at work.
♥ Invite an acquaintance over for dinner with your family.
♥ Donate flowers, potted plants or baked goodies to your local police and fire department.
♥ Send money to a friend in need anonymously so the friend appreciates the gesture without feeling the need to pay you back.
♥ Send friends, neighbors and loved ones gifts anonymously.
♥ Help a friend who is struggling by giving him or her an inspirational and hopeful book.
♥ Offer your assistance to elderly people at the store with choosing groceries, reaching high shelves and loading their car.
♥ Buy an inspirational book and give it to a friend who can benefit from it.
♥ Call a distant relative who you have not spoken with in a long time and promise to keep in touch.
♥ Mow the neighbor’s lawn without being asked.
♥ Write a letter to someone you admire and let them know of the impact the had in your life.
♥ Organize a charity driver at your school or workplace.
♥ Call a friend you have not spoken to in a while and let them know you are thinking of them.
♥ Stop your car and wait for a pedestrian to walk across the street.
♥ Offer to help someone else who is trying to carry something heavy.
♥ Post positive comments on other people’s blogs.
♥ Do nice things for your family without having to be asked.
♥ Teach a child how to do fun and easy craft projects.
♥ Invite a friend who lives out-of-town to your home for dinner.
♥ Offer free hugs to friends and strangers.
♥ Introduce one of your friends to your other friends.
♥ Donate money, supplies and your time to local causes and charity organizations.
♥ Acknowledge a good job of someone else at school or work.
♥ Fill a vending machine with change so the next person can get a treat.
♥ Mail baked goods to friends and loved ones that live far away.
♥ Play music for a local senior community if you know how to play an instrument.
♥ Deliver freshly-baked goodies like brownies, cookies or cupcakes to your local fire station to show your appreciation.
♥ Make a fruit basket and give it to a neighbor.
♥ Post inspirational notes and signs around town.
♥ Shovel the snow off your neighbor’s driveways after a snowstorm.
♥ Show your students how to be kind to others by making a list of kind acts with them.
♥ Tell a sincere compliment to a stranger to brighten his or her day.
♥ Say “thank you” to bus and taxi drivers.
♥ Throw a pizza party for your friends.
♥ Get an item off a high shelf for someone else.
♥ Offer to help neighborhood children with homework and school projects.
♥ Greet everyone you pass by with a smile.
♥ Give your child the option to do chores for neighbors such as washing cars or mowing lawns, and pay them an allowance once they are finished.
♥ Pay for the car’s meal behind you at the drive-thru.
♥ Keep non-perishable food items in your car and offer them to people in need.
♥ Cuddle with your children longer and more often.
♥ Visit a friend or loved one who is ill to bring them soup, magazines and offer your time.
♥ If someone in the line in front of you is struggling to find cash, offer to help them out with their purchase.
♥ Surprise your parents by treating them to a nice dinner.
♥ Write down your favorite recipe and distribute it to family and friends.
♥ Tell your family you love them every day.
♥ Send money anonymously to someone in financial need.
♥ Show your children the importance of kind acts by involving them in helping others.
♥ Send flowers to teachers who have made a difference in their student’s lives.
♥ Ask a friend, neighbor or co-worker how they have been and mean it. Listen to them when they answer with avid interest.
♥ Forgive people who have asked for it and you feel can benefit from your forgiveness.
Tell your children why you love them every day.
Put all of your spare change in charity change trays at grocery stores.
Plant trees and flowers in your front yard.
Visit a senior center and read to the seniors.
Remove debris (such as a tree limb) blocking a road or path.
Leave a handwritten note of thanks with your tip.
Offer to tutor children for free.
Share this list with others.
Extra Note: You don’t have to do all of them just pick and choose what works best under your circumstances. A few suggestions were deliberately removed from the list for your own safety such as “Distribute lollipops and other goodies to children as a special treat.” Now the only time one can successfully do this is on Halloween for trick or treaters. Unless you personally know the kids your distributing them to you might get embarrassed if they start hollering “STRANGER DANGER” (lol). Another one was “Plant flowers in your neighbor’s empty flower box.” again if you don’t know them well enough you could get get in trouble for trespassing or worse. Be careful but most importantly be kind!
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