Merry Christmas to all my Christian friends!

Last year I sent Carolina some holiday gifts. I kinda wish they wouldn’t have delivered the gifts at school though because I wasn’t trying to make the other children feel bad or left out. Nevertheless, World Vision sent me another nice photo to cherish. Carolina’s mother (Josefa) and father are doing such an amazing job raising their loving daughter.

Carolina always writes such nice letters expressing her gratitude. Recently she wrote:

Querida Kerry,

I am very grateful to you for the great gifts that you sent for me. It filled me with joy to receive and see the puppets that I like very much. Thank you very much as well for the books, balloons, scissors, bracelets, fan, stuffed toy, hair clips, chain, and for everything else. I received my gift at school and the photo that I am sending for you was taken in front of my classroom. My teacher congratulated me on the gifts that I received on this very special day.



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