Chocolatey Chocolate Cupcakes

This was my first time ever making them, so here we go…

After putting cupcakes in the oven, I cut up some fun size bars of Hershey’s candy.

Then used a grater to shave the chocolate bars that I didn’t cut.

I placed them into a paper baking cup. Then put inside the refrigerator to set, while the cupcakes were baking.

DING! cupcakes are done so I’ll cut slits in the tops.

Now it’s time to insert the candy pieces.

Heat in oven for a few more minutes to make sure the candy is completely melted.

After allowing them time to cool it’s decorating time.
I put some spare frosting in a plastic bag and cut the tip. Super generic, I know right?

      I wasn’t exactly sure how to decorate them so I did a test run but with the brown on top of brown on top of brown I realized it wasn’t working with the heart shape design so I got a little sloppy with it. It looked way better in my head. Not only that but the grated pieces of chocolate was beginning to melt as well so I’m guessing I didn’t let them cool off long enough. In about 10 minutes I’ll try this again…

Spread on the frosting.

Add some shredded chocolate.

Pipe on some additional frosting and Voilà!

Ah, sweet success… if you were here I would definitely share these cupcakes with you!

Here it is sliced in half so you could see the melted candy center. Mmmm, worth every calorie.

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