Bleach and fish don’t mix!

     I like watching fish swim. Do you have any fish? This tank was at a hotel I was staying at recently but it reminded me of a true story.

     Back when I was a tween our 10 gallon tank started to smell really bad so I scooped all the fish out and put them in a plastic ice cream bucket. I made a huge mistake by putting some bleach on a warm rag to scrub the inside and remove algae.

     To make a long story short I dumped all the water out and rinsed multiple times including the gravel, artificial plants, and aquarium decorations. I regret not having realized that no matter how many times I rinsed, the bleach residue from the initial wipe down still remained. That tank was too heavy for me to carry with water inside so I took it back into our bedroom and placed it on the dresser.

     Thinking the tank was clean, I used a Kool-Aid pitcher to fill it back up then plugged the air filter back in while me and my sis played a few rounds of Bubble Bobble (video game) to allow time for oxygen to circulate before adding the fish.

     Shortly after putting them back in they all started flopping over on their bellies. I was so devastated that I cried. I didn’t mean to kill them. Now I know why they make those how to properly care for (fill in the name of a pet) books for young people. Someone should’ve bought me one prior to getting my fish to avoid this mishap.

     On a completely separate occasion I had an angel fish with no tank cover and it jumped out while I was at school. You probably know the outcome. I have since learned from my mistakes and know how to properly care for pets now, so don’t worry.

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