You Matter

     Don’t let others define success for you. Don’t postpone whatever it is that you want to do in life. The photo that I took at a Thailand museum is of different influential people. Whoever set up this display added a mirror. Not so you can check how gorgeous you look or begin fixing your hair.

     The real concept behind it, is that you could be one of these people. YOU can be on that wall. You need to believe in yourself because trust me there will always be people who say you can’t accomplish your goals.

     Even friends and family tend to say hurtful things, so if they do, my advice is to just ignore them. Your life is important… you matter… as long as your not doing anything illegal or committing crimes then nobody has the right to say anything negative but unfortunately, they might so again my advice is to ignore the negativity.

     I know how hard it is to do this firsthand. It really is easier said than done but you need to pick yourself up and do it. Surround yourself by people who support you and your dreams unconditionally.

     Did you ever hear the story about Tyrone Curry who won a 3.4 million dollar lottery jackpot in 2006 and kept his job as a High School custodian? It is now 5 years later and Tyrone still works there.

     He decided to remain loyal to his job and didn’t let all the people who questioned him repeatedly about his decision to ever influence him to change it. You see it cuts both ways. Some people try and dictate other people’s lives when they should be focusing on their own.

     My friend went to cosmetology school and is happy with her decision. However, her parents wanted her to go to college but that was their dream not hers and I am so proud of her for doing what she wanted to do. Success is not defined by money, beauty, parents, friends, lovers, or other people… success is defined by you.

     The meaning of success is not set in stone. It is customizable to each individual. So just remember your version of success is all that matters. Live your life to the fullest and stay true to yourself. May your life be filled with peace and countless blessings.

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