Watching Grass Grow

     When the construction crew starting working outside of my Mahboula, Kuwait apartment; I thought they were going to build a new high-rise building next to mine. I lived on the 5th floor and didn’t have the best view in the world to begin with but at least I wasn’t looking directly into someone else’s window. What kind of view do you have at your current residence? Is it good, mediocre, or bad?

     Living less than a mile from the Persian Gulf, I often sat outside on the balcony to relax, meditate, and just enjoy the fresh air. I was really stoked after realizing it wasn’t going to be a tall building. Here’s some old photos that I snapped over the course of several weeks.

January 16th, hmmm what will this be?

February 3rd, still don’t have a clue…

March 2nd, hooray it’s not going to block the view!

April 4th, all done bubblegum.

The finished project was a playing field.

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