Forget Me Not

     My friend picked me up so that we could go eat some dinner at a casual restaurant. All I had with me was my wallet and house keys. I was wearing jeans, so prior to leaving I put the wallet in my pocket. After locking the door, the keys were dangling from my finger as I went down to his car. Once inside I asked if I could put my keys in the glove box. He told me “go ahead” so I did just that.

     We arrived at the restaurant and was just catching up on what’s been going on with each other. I much rather talk face to face with my friends than over the phone or internet. After we were finished eating he asked if I was ready to go. I excused myself to go to the restroom and said that after I come back I’ll be ready. He just nodded at me so I got up.

     By the time I got back he already paid for our meal. I told him that I had money so he didn’t have to do that. I would have at least paid for my share if nothing else. We sat and waited for a few minutes until the waiter returned with his receipt, then we both got up and left.

     He asked me “Do you feel like going somewhere else” but I kindly declined by saying “No, I just think I’ll go home.” He drove me home and I turned to him and said “Thank You” before getting out of his car. He smiled and said “No problem… call me” Once I got up to the door and had it open, I turned around and waved goodbye to him. Then he honked his horn and drove away.

     Roughly 15 minutes later he called me and said “Kerry I’m back in front of your house because you left something in my car” come down and get it. I immediately checked my back pocket and my wallet was still there. Obviously I had my keys since I was able to get back in the house. I asked him “what did I leave?” My friend told me that he couldn’t tell me and to just come and get it. I tried letting him know that I didn’t leave anything in the car. He said “Yes you did just please come down and get it…”

     We went back and forth for a few minutes about this and then he finally said “if you don’t come down I’m coming up and will start knocking really loud at your door” At this point the ‘debate’ ended and I said here I come. When I got down there he handed me a single red rose.

     He must have went somewhere to buy it and then came back. I realize now that this was a sweet gesture but at the time it happened I was a little heated since he kept telling me that I left something in his car when I knew for a fact that I didn’t. I am not an argumentative type person. The only time I’ll go at it with someone is when I know what I’m saying is 100% accurate.

     Without thinking clearly, I handed the rose back to him and said “I didn’t leave this in your car!” He said “fine I’ll just throw it on the ground and run it over.” OMG seriously do y’all see how easily things can spiral out of control. I told him “give me that” as I snatch it out of his hand. Then I quickly walked away without any polite good byes on either side this time.

     I placed the rose on the kitchen table, without putting it in water by the way, since I don’t own a vase. About a day and a half later he called and asked “did you throw the rose away?” I told him No and where it was (still on the kitchen table)… then he started up again… blah, blah, blah…

     He made me feel bad so I ended up putting the rose in a glass cup. Don’t know why I didn’t think of that to begin with. Anyway, it kept falling over so I wound up moving the rose to my nightstand. That way it could lean against the corner of the wall and not fall. I wanted to remove the wrap but underneath the bow was a tight knot that I couldn’t loosen. Do you notice how I just stuck it all in the water?

     We’re still cool. I just thought it was funny how he threatened to run over the rose with his car but then got mad because I didn’t promptly put it in water.

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