Shared Birthdays

I thought my immediate family members might get a kick out of this. A dozen celebrities who share our birthdays.

 My father’s birthday is December 8th. Celebs who share it are Kim Basinger (actress), Sammy Davis, Jr. (entertainer), and Nicki Minaj (musician).

 My mother’s birthday is October 17th. Celebs who share it are Rita Hayworth (actress), Eminem (musician), and George Wendt (actor).

 My sister’s birthday (Astede) is July 2nd. Celebs who share it are Ashley Tisdale (actress), Monie Love (musician), and Lindsay Lohan (actress).

 My sister’s birthday (Monica) is June 12th, along with Ella Joyce (actress), George H. W. Bush (41st U.S. president) and Kendra Wilkinson (reality star).

 My birthday is July 27th. Celebs who share it are Ryan Michelle Bathe (actress), Julian McMahon (actor), and Nick Hogan (reality star).

Finding out who shares your birthday is really easy. Just perform an internet search. You’d type “celebs born on September 9” if today was your birthday.

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