Meatloaf & Veggie Burgers

     I’m not good with “portion control” so my house guests always leave with full bellies. I enjoy cooking and watching people smile or say Mmmm after taking a bite. Do you like to cook? If so, what’s your favorite thing to prepare?

     The internet is like a virtual cookbook. You can find just about any recipe for FREE online and modify them to your liking. Try adding freshly chopped garlic, green pepper, spices and if you like onions sauté them first to give the meat more flavor. Instead of bread crumbs I used crushed crackers.

After baking for the proper amount of time, remove it from the oven and add sauce on top.

Some people only use ketchup (which is fine) but I like mixing things together.

     Some of my overseas friends haven’t even heard of meatloaf before. Different countries prepare different things. On the left is what meatloaf looks like (unsliced) after baking the sauce on top for an additional 15 minutes. On the right is what it looks like sliced. Dinner’s ready my dear. It’ll be served with green beans and au gratin potatoes. There’s also some coleslaw in the refrigerator.

If your a vegetarian I’ve got you covered. How ’bout some double cheese veggie burgers?

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