Ramadan Mubarak

     My loving friend (J.A.) is currently in Saudia Arabia for his very first personal Hajj experience. He said this is something he must do and needs to pray for guidance. He already walked around the Kaaba many times and I am so proud of him.

      His hair is was so thick & soft but just informed me that he shaved it off to follow in Prophet Muhammad’s footsteps. He mentioned that it feels weird because he has not ever been bald before. I reassured him that what he did was in good faith and not to worry because it’ll grow back. It was so cute when he said “Kerry my pillow feels funny on my head while I’m trying to go to sleep.”

May Allah accept your fasting and may His blessings always shine upon you.

I personally believe that you should treat all people with the utmost respect regardless of their race, social status, or religion.

Ramadan is a great time for prayers, self-reflection, forgiveness, and new beginnings.

We are all brothers and sisters!

“They asked me what about the Hajj had impressed me the most… I said, `The brotherhood! The people of all races, colors, from all over the world coming together as one! It has proved to me the power of the One God.’… All ate as one, and slept as one. Everything about the pilgrimage atmosphere accented the oneness of man under one God.” – Malcolm X

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