Oh, BABYdoll!

     Nine times out of ten you can find better deals and more selection online than in retail stores so I started looking for a babydoll. The lingerie version showed up in the search results, no surprise there but also something called a reborn doll. These are new to me but apparently they’ve been around for years.

     After researching them further I realized that they are geared more towards adults and not really suitable for children. What I was actually looking for was just a simple baby doll toy to buy for my sponsor child, Carolina.

     These sparked my interest so I wanted to find out more. I know this sounds odd but one actually looked familiar. After staring at the photo for a few minutes it finally hit me. This doll looks like Nahla the daughter of actress Halle Berry.

On the left (below) is a real lady who looks like a doll and on the right is a “Real Doll” that looks like a lady.

The artists who can create something so lifelike are extremely talented…

I was so amazed at how good these “Reborn Dolls” looked until I seen this:

It’s hard to believe but there’s some controversy surrounding these inanimate objects:

Patricia J. made one that supposedly looked like Caylee Marie Anthony.

Rebeccah B. who called herself “April’s Mom” used a reborn doll as part of a hoax. She claimed that she was carrying a terminally ill baby on her blog. Unsuspecting and compassionate people sent her donations until she posted a pic of the “baby.” One reader recognized it as being a realistic-looking doll which caused her web of lies to be revealed.

One was spotted in the back of a car and police busted out a window to save what they thought was an unconscious baby.

A mother neglects her actual living and breathing children to spend “quality” time with her collection of reborn dolls. Even though they are not alive she rocks them in a rocking chair, pushes them in a stroller at the public park, goes clothes shopping for them and everything.

     I’m very open-minded and feel that everyone is entitled to have a harmless hobby. If you can keep things positive and well-balanced then all is good. However when a hobby affects your life and/or your loved ones life in a negative way then it’s time to let it go.

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