Golden Buddha

Sometimes people get paranoid when they hear other people speaking a language in which they don’t understand or speak fluently and automatically think that they’re talking about them. If I were to guesstimate a worldwide percentage I’d say overall 97 percent of the time that is untrue.

          Most people are basically having normal conversations just like you and me. The man and woman in this photo were speaking Thai to one another. I like the way I captured this photo because it really puts you in the moment.

Most people in Thailand practice Buddhism.

They come to these Buddhist temples to pray and perform their religious rituals.

      I remember mentioning to my mom that I seen monks casually walking around. Her initial response to me was “What’s that guy doing in Thailand?” I was like “No mom, not Monk from that TV show but the ones who live in monasteries.”

         I said “Mom your brain is as sharp as a pencil, that fell on the ground!” She just laughed and called me a “silly goose” because she knows I was just joking around with her. I’m not one of those mean children who deliberately disrespect their parents.

      I don’t feel threatened by or afraid of those with different beliefs. Respecting others religions is the crucial key to interfaith harmony. I have some really good friends in my life who do not share my faith.

      It would be inappropriate to force our personal beliefs on one another or start attacking different religions. Therefore, to keep the peace we just focus on the good things, which is that we truly enjoy each other’s company.

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