Blurry Travel Photos

After coming out of the Bangkok International Suvarnabhumi Airport, I asked the driver if I could take his photo since hot pink taxis are cool. I took photo number #1 but noticed it came out blurry.

      He agreed to take another and his pose for photo #2 was even better than the first. I was a bit bummed that it also came out blurry but didn’t want to ask him to take a third because he might think:

a.) I’m a weirdo.
b.) I’m joking around or deliberately trying to waste his precious time.
c.) I’m totally into him and want to go on a date.

None of them are true so I figured it’s best to just give it a rest.

      I don’t really like sharing blurry photos because seriously what’s the point? They usually wind up with the same fate and it goes a little something like this *click* Delete. These were a tad interesting so I decided to show you. Here’s one of a Bahamian waiter wearing a funny t-shirt that said: Save Water Drink Tequila!

      I am grateful to all the nice (random) people that kindly agree to pose for my photos. When asking someone I always do it politely, so I’m guessing that helps.

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