Oh, BABYdoll!

Nine times out of ten you can find better deals and more selection online than in retail stores so I started looking for a babydoll. The lingerie version showed up in the search results (no surprise there) but also something called reborn doll. These are new to me but apparently they’ve been around for years. […]

Golden Buddha

Sometimes people get paranoid when they hear other people speaking a language in which they don’t understand (speak fluently) and automatically think that they’re talking about them. If I were to guesstimate a worldwide percentage I’d say overall 96% of the time that is untrue. Most people are basically having normal conversations just like you and […]

Blurry Travel Photos

After coming out of the Bangkok International Suvarnabhumi Airport, I asked the driver if I could take his photo since hot pink taxis are cool. I took photo number #1 but noticed it came out blurry.       He agreed to take another & his pose for photo #2 was even better than the first. I […]