Free Souvenir

When vacationing it’s always a nice gesture to buy yourself, family and friends souvenirs. When I was in The Bahamas, I was so overwhelmed with the majestic waters and activities that I really didn’t spend much time in any of those gift shops. As my vacation was coming to a close I realized that I hadn’t purchased a single souvenir.

      In a panic I rushed into a random gift shop ten minutes before closing time and grabbed three shirts, one for a good friend of mine (Bob Marley), one for my dad (Bahamas Map), and another for my mom (Bahama Mama). I just grabbed them, paid, and walked out of the store.

     I didn’t realize until after returning from our trip that the size 2XL for my dad had glitter on it so I’m guessing that must have been a ladies shirt. I told my dad I was sorry but he still accepted it. He probably won’t ever wear it though, so I personally think he should donate it to charity or something.

      Anyway the souvenir that I got for myself didn’t cost a single penny. A pink flamingo feather from the zoo. I wrapped it in a tissue and put it in my purse so they wouldn’t try to confiscate it at the airport.

     I don’t ever know what they may remove from your bag these days. It’s really soft and delicate and reminds me of all the fun I had in The Bahamas. I’d be really nice to return one day for yet another epic adventure.


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