Sugar and Spice Bulletin Board

      When school was in session, I used to “bug” Patrick just about every morning before school started. I’d sit in his class and we’d converse while he was preparing lessons plans. One day I wrote a cheerful message on his whiteboard. He didn’t ever turn me away; like some others did.

      Even when he was busy he still showed concern for me. Pat didn’t act like a FAKE FLAKE. You know the ones who act like they care but really don’t. His kindness towards me is always genuine. Our friendship was established in late 2009 and is still going strong.

      On one occasion, I got the opportunity to display a bulletin board in the hallway. The concept behind it was that whenever people work together they can create beautiful things. Pat printed out all the children’s photos.

      I took some of the pieces home (with permission) so that my other friend Muhammad (who didn’t work at the school) could write the Arabic calligraphy on it for me. I envisioned the sugar and spice shakers and made them from scratch. I also cut all the circles and stapled them to the board.

      Someone mentioned that I should not have included Arabic writing since it was for an English class. I didn’t really care about others input because I was satisfied with the way it turned out. I also had each student draw themselves (to the best of their ability) on a piece of paper.

      After collecting those sheets, I cut them out. Then I glued the children from each classroom on a paper. Here is the homeroom class 1E:

Here is the other class 1D:

     You probably can’t tell from the photo but on the brown (spice) paper circles I asked the boys write their names. On the white (sugar) pieces of paper, the girls wrote their names. I had to finish before the deadline, so only the homeroom class had photo sprinkles. What do you think of my idea?

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