Two Very Different Techniques

One day I decided to get a foot & leg massage. Walk-ins are welcome at this particular massage parlor, which means no appointment is necessary. The receptionist told me to sit down in the oversized comfy chair and wait a few minutes. Then another customer came in and they told her to sit in the chair next to me. There are curtains in between each chair for privacy but they left them open which I didn’t mind one bit. Me and this woman whom I just met smiled at each other because we were both excited about getting our relaxing massages.

      The girl wearing the striped dress did mine. She was so gentle and I kept giggling like a little school girl because it felt really nice. I couldn’t help myself, I tried to hold it in but that didn’t work. The little firecracker wearing the black pants was giving the lady beside me her massage. Now you have to remember that the curtains were left open so I looked over at them.

      She had that woman’s leg stretched high in the air, and I heard something pop. The lady was making faces like she was in pain but wasn’t saying anything. This went on for over 10 minutes because we were both getting a 30 minute massage. I heard another “pop” similar to what it sounds like when someone cracks their knuckles only louder. I finally asked the woman “Are you ok?” her reply to me was “I think so!”

      I’m not sure if the masseuse was hurting her or not but if she was, I don’t understand why that lady wouldn’t say something. To get off track for just a moment my mom went to a salon and the girl had on fake nails. She scratched my mom’s scalp so bad while she was shampooing her hair that she ended up with several tiny scabs. I asked my mom why she didn’t say something. She didn’t want to hurt the girl’s feelings but I told my mom that if she’s hurting you, SPEAK UP. It’s not rude in my opinion, to politely tell them what you want. A true professional will be more than happy to comply. Women pay good money to get pampered at salons/spas & deserve a quality experience.

      Back to the massages… I was amazed at how very different their techniques were. They were both very sweet though. They looked really young so I asked them how old they were. The girl wearing the black pants was 18 and girl with the dress on was 19. My masseuse didn’t stretch my leg high in the air she had my knee bent and gently pushed back. When my leg was back in the normal position, she did all these different types of rubs varying the amount of pressure she applied in different areas. It’s kind of hard to describe if you don’t get massages, so I’ll leave it at that. I’m just glad that the other girl wasn’t the one giving me a massage because I might have been slightly traumatized. (haha) 

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