Chicken Shawarma with a BFF on the side!

My dad likes Pepsi, my mom likes Coke, my BFF likes coffee, and I like watermelon/fruit juice. In Kuwait fresh fruit stands are not hard to find. Pat & and I visited this one place and they blended fresh fruit into vanilla ice cream. That smoothie shake was so delish!

      It’s nice dining out at different restaurants. My personal favorite is this one Lebanese restaurant in Salmiya, Kuwait. The chicken shawarma is so addicting. Before going to the Middle East I hadn’t ever tasted them. They have garlic mayonnaise on it. You can find shawarmas all over the place here but not everyone makes them tasty. Just take a pizza for example, I’m sure most people have a favorite place that they order from on a regular basis. Depending on who prepares it, really does make a difference…

Click Here for a “shawarma” recipe that you can try at home!

Pat also introduced me to this delizioso PastaMania cream based chicken pasta with sun-dried tomatoes in it! (yuMmmm)

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