Giant Slide

These shots are from when Pat and I went to the amusement park called Entertainment City in Doha, Kuwait. Going down the giant slide was the most fun to me. Overall I had a great experience because I got to spend the day with my best friend.

     Some other interesting things is that every Monday is considered women’s day at the park so no men are allowed to enter on Mondays. After paying your general admission fee it also cost additional money to get on certain rides including the big rollercoaster, which I found odd for an amusement park. If it were some type of carnival then those rules would have been expected.

      Another strange thing is that when me and Pat was about to get on the cars they told him that we both had to ride in the same one. Pat is over 6′ and I am 5’9″ so that would be very uncomfortable for the both of us to squeeze in a bitty old car. He ended up not getting on and letting me ride by myself but I didn’t realize until after I got off that he didn’t get on because the ride operator was telling him that we must share a car. I honestly thought he was in one of the cars behind me. I don’t understand what the big deal was, it wasn’t like the lines were long and there were plenty of empty cars not in use.

      I have been to several parks in my day including some of the the most well known like Six Flags and Disney Land but Cedar Point is still my favorite. I don’t judge based on characters, it’s all about the RIDES.
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