Elbow Grease

When I first moved into my old apartment back in December 2009 it was dirty. There are sand storms in Kuwait so it’s uncontrollable. Even with your windows/doors shut it is still possible for dust to seep through. I spent the entire weekend cleaning literally from top to bottom that way it would be easier for me to maintain from that point forward.

     That apartment must have been vacant for a while. I made alot of progress in 2 days but boy was my back hurting from using all that elbow grease. I remember my friend Patrick gave me this beautiful red & white dinnerware set as a housewarming gift. He didn’t live in my building but I had a nice neighbor on the 10th floor who let me borrow his “slap chop” for a month. It was so funny because I asked him “Ummmm, do you need your slap chop back yet?” I don’t steal but seriously I didn’t want to give it back to him. He told me to return it when I was ready. There was just one problem. That day (me being ready to return it) was non-existent since I enjoyed using it regularly to chop my vegetables, so I just gave it back to him later that night when he got off work.

     It was funny because 3-4 days later I was cooking in the kitchen and said to myself “Where’s my slap chop?” then I remembered giving it back and honestly wanting to call or go back upstairs to ask him if I could use it again (haha) but I didn’t. He was nice because he also let me borrow his brown suitcase when I went to Thailand. Another co-worker from the school Bruce let me borrow his black suitcase. I eventually purchased my own suitcases but it’s really nice when people help you out without wanting ANYTHING in return. That’s what TRUE friends do.

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