L♥ve is kind – No, seriously it is!

Some people use the phrases “love sucks” or “love hurts” but what actually hurts is when your relationship or friendship falls apart. I have had my heart broken before so I know a thing or two about failed relationships. Just remember it’s the cheating, lying, abuse, neglect, et cetera, that hurts NOT the LOVE itself. If I had to sum up all my pain in a few words it would be quite simple “Everything was good, until it wasn’t!”

I was listening to “I Can’t Make You Love Me – by Bonnie Raitt” when this self portrait was snapped a while ago. Tears rolling down my face, snot coming out my nose, no makeup, yeah there is nothing fake about it.

      Time + music helped heal my broken heart. A person cannot sing and fight at the same time, it may sound absurd but it really can help the both of you calm down rather than arguing/fighting. One time my ex-duhfriend was fussing at me because I was late coming home. Before you speculate, after I got off work I went to the store to grab a few groceries, filled up my gas tank, and then swung by the post office to drop some things in the mailbox. Doing all of that only made me like an hour late. I should have called him to let him know but I was exhausted from work and didn’t even feel like arguing after I walked in the house. I am not the type of girl who likes to argue to begin with. I just wanted to take a shower and relax.

      I sarcastically sang him ♪ “If your happy and you know it clap your hands” ♪ (then I clapped my hands) which made him smile. I know in the heat of the moment you don’t feel like singing but it does help make the mood lighter. Another thing that helps is when your alone try singing to yourself, go ahead nobody will be judging you. For example when I listened to a particular Alicia Keys song after our breakup, I felt empowered when I sang along and really started to believe the words: “I’m gonna find a way to make it without you ♪…”

Love is like a rose.

R – Radiant

O – One of a kind

S – Sweet

E – Extra Special

Enjoy warm hugs and innocent kisses with those you love. (muuuuuuaah)

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