I was going through old documents and found something that could possibly give someone the opportunity to learn from my mistake. If you plan on selling your gold take a look at the check Cash4Gold sent me back in 2009. One of the gold necklaces that I mailed them still had the price attached & was a birthday gift from my deceased friend Michael H. with the initial “K” on it. I sold them 4 items altogether and if you look closely at the pay stub the offer for all four pieces of jewelry was $0.49 (what a joke). Why did I sell my 2 necklaces and 2 bracelets in the first place? Well, I really didn’t have a choice at the time because I was desperate, financially struggling, and needed gas money and whatnot. The TV commercial fooled me because people were holding wads of cash, but it seems like the only way you can get that is if your a leprechaun or can sell them a pillowcase full of gold.

      Please don’t mail your gold off to anyone. If you must sell it, I strongly suggest that you go to your local jewelry store or pawn shop both whom buy gold. Cash4Gold holds your items for 10 days but you have to PAY to have them returned to you if you don’t like their offer. Most people who sell gold in the first place need money and cannot afford to have it returned so your kinda stuck with the “crumbs4gold” that they give you. I literally cried when I got this check, and trust me they were NOT tears of joy.

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