Read Me A Story

When I was a little girl I liked Bernstein Bears, Little Critter, and Dr. Suess but I must say my favorite book was entitled: “Mother, Mother, I Want Another” by Maria Polushkin. The story line was so cute and I was fortunate enough to have a mom who read bedtime stories to me. The son of my friend told her that he hated her in front of me. I asked why did you say that? It was all because she didn’t buy him this video game that he wanted. While my friend got pissed off and went on her back patio to smoke a cigarette. I calmly explained to her son that what he said hurt his mommy’s feelings.
     I went on to tell him that you can hurt someone even when you don’t hit them. I asked him if your mommy said those words to him would he like it. He shook his head no. I told him that when his mommy comes back inside he needs to tell her that he’s sorry. He asked why and I tried to explain the best way I knew how to a child that when you hurt someone you can make it better by saying “sorry” but should not do the same thing again that your saying sorry for.
     He told his mom (my friend) sorry when she came back into the living room. While he was hugging her, he looked at me and smiled. I smiled back and he said: “Kerry I hate you” then ran into his bedroom. The first time ever in my life that I witnessed a person say that they hate someone while giving a hug. I didn’t take it personal though he’s a kid what do you expect, they act weird sometimes.
     While her son was in his room, that gave me and my friend time to talk. I asked her when was the last time she read a book to him. Her response was he won’t let me. Are you kidding me is what my mind was saying but my mouth said why won’t he let you? This time she replied kids don’t like that #@!* no more it’s all about the video games. Since she avoided my question twice I’m guessing that she either A. Has not ever read him a story or B. It’s been so long that she honestly can’t remember when was the last time she read him a story.
     I think grown-ups should read kids stories, let children read to them and/or play games with them. Here’s a nice idea why don’t you buy a child in your life a good book and/or one of your favorite “old school” games this holiday season and actually play it with them. You won’t ever be bored  because they actually require human interaction. We can all use that. If your my age or older you cannot tell me you haven’t played at least one of my favorites: Don’t Break the Ice, Clue, Operation, Uno, Bed Bugs, Guess Who, Connect Four, Life, Simon, Candyland, Scrabble, Hi Ho Cherry-O, Barrel of Monkeys, Monopoly, Checkers, Bingo, Twister or Hungry Hungry Hippos.
     Games that don’t require a computer or television are really fun, not to mention affordable. When shopping for old books/games just keep in mind that some covers/boxes may have changed. Perfect example the cover of “Mother, Mother, I Want Another” from the 80′s on the left (which is cuter to me) and the new version on the right. Then again some still look the same like Little Critter books by Mercer Mayer. They were my second favorite and I had a nice size collection of them. Some things are better left unchanged.
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