Out of the Ordinary

When I was living abroad me and my friend Patrick always went walking around town to kill time and see different things. Outside one of the shopping malls a guy handed us this restaurant flyer. At first glance I said to myself, look at that chef with the cute yellow hat. Then when I actually read what it said I was thinking: “Koshari ad say WHAT?”
     In America a company could get sued for advertising like this. Just imagine if a fast food commercial said: “Caucasians come in for a FREE vanilla shake, all other races get a chocolate shake for half price!”
     Can you see how that type of ad campaign would be sure to get someone’s attention but it’s just downright offensive. Let’s get back to the flyer even if I was Filipino, I’d still be offended for my friends who weren’t the same race as me… that is after I bought my discounted Koshari meal of course, hehehe.

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