Fish Spa

 In March of this year I was fortunate enough to visit Thailand. Have you ever heard of a “Fish Spa?” Well it wasn’t until visiting the “Suan Lum Night Bazaar” that I ever knew this existed.
The sign read:
★ Fish Massage 
★ For treatment of skin diseases.
★ Fish nibbling away dead skin cells to leave feet soft leaving healthy skin to grow.
★ Nice smooth skin.
★ 150 B/15 min.
★ 250 B/30 min.

     150 Thailand Baht (THB) = $0.50 United States Dollar (USD) so I figured what have I got to loose. I’ll try almost anything (within reason) once. The fish don’t bite your feet they are just “sucking” at it because they didn’t have teeth which was a GOOD thing. I remained calm during the treatment. You wash your feet before sticking them in the “fish water” and then when your time is up the attendant will let you know. It felt funny but I enjoyed it. My friend Patrick didn’t want to do it so he waited on the bench outside. I took his picture through the window inside while I was doing the fish spa. It’s nice to have patient & understanding friends!

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