Pointless Bullying

The bullying in schools is getting out of hand. I graduated from H.S. in the late 90’s so cyber-bullying wasn’t something my peers had to deal with. I didn’t even own a cell phone just a pager. Remember when pay phones were all over the place? Now you seldom see them & chances are when you do it’s “out of order!” Things have changed drastically over these past 12 years. If I had the power to create a national anti-bullying campaign, the message would be simple: “Being a bully isn’t cool, but being a friend is!”

     Whenever I find something good, I like to share it so hopefully this “Anti-Bullying Website” will help kids and adults deal with this issue. If someone got stuffed in a locker or called mean names it still hurts, even years after it occurred. Thankfully I don’t have any horror stories, just ONE embarrassing incident around age 12. During summer break a small group of kids were standing outside talking. This boy from our school came up behind me and pulled my pants down. I was wearing elastic waist “stirrup pants” so he was able to pull down my panties and pants at the same time. It was too embarrassing & I turned beet red.

     Even though we were young only 1 of the girls I was talking to started laughing at me. The other girls felt bad for me. After I pulled my pants back up and realized what had just happened I started to cry. It happened so quickly and I didn’t even see it coming.

     I wasn’t ever a bully or even popular for that matter. Trying to “fit in” wasn’t my main priority. I was content with my small circle of friends. I’m Not Impressed (INI) by “fake” people. Sometimes I would say “INI” (pronounced: in E) when someone was acting all artificial. Those in my circle would laugh because they knew what that meant.

     There was a girl named “Angel” but she was so mean and would fight people & get suspended all the time. Her parents chose the “perfect” name… don’t you think?

     My best friend in high school was named Kristy and we were inseparable. We didn’t really pay attention to the negativity around us because we lifted each other up when one was feeling down. I met her in the locker room before gym glass during my freshman year & she was a sophomore. She graduated a year before me so my senior year SUCKED without her.

     It was a blessing to have a good friend like her. We talked for hours on end & had so much fun together. We created so many memories together that we would always bust out laughing at our “inside jokes”…

     Since it was only a few blocks away we sometimes walked to KFC after school for a chicken sandwich and good conversation. We always did silly things to keep each other laughing. After high school Kristy joined the Navy. That boy who “pantsed” me eventually dropped out of H.S. & ended up going to jail a few years later because he committed some type of theft crime. I know this because back around the time when it happened it appeared on the local news as one of their “Breaking Stories!” I sincerely hope he has since turned his life around.

     Here’s some flashback photos again, I took Floriculture classes in high school & really enjoyed it. My teacher Ms. Bogue was so sweet as well as my Spanish teacher Senorita Acosta (middle right), My high school best friend that I was talking about is Kristy (top left).

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