Halloween Fun

 I’m a zombie girl, in a zombie world. Halloween is for everyone… young, old, all shapes, & sizes. It’s the one day out of the year that us girls can dress like “skanks” and get away with it. Yup those “booty shorts” are part of the costume Mmmmhhhhmmm.
      I hope you all had a fantastic day! It’s so FUN how can you NOT like Halloween, dressing up, eating candy, parties, or carving pumpkins?
     Store bought costumes are adorable but it’s cool when people put their own twist on things. Back in my early twenties I was the generic versions of “spider woman” and “lady luck” a combo of creativity & being broke.
     Yes the cheapest costume ever only cost $1.06 (with tax) for two decks of cards from the dollar store. It’s easy to work with what you’ve got my friends. Just don’t ask why I already owned a pair of red thigh highs… hehehe
     I know that I shouldn’t have laughed at this but I am pulling down on the “inflatable head” of the girl walking in front of me during our kindergarten Halloween parade. Talk about getting caught in the act… so naughty!
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