Snorks Pajamas

This is me and my cousin Ashley wearing the same “Snorks” pajamas. It’s funny because we were born 10 years apart. I loved these pink pj’s so much but eventually gave them to my cousin back in the late 90′s. You know how those fashion magazines show two people wearing the same outfit then ask “Who wore it better?” Oh my gosh how cruel would that be if they did comparisons with children? C’mon you know I have to ask “Who wore it better me or Ashley?” My vote goes to Ashley. She is “working it”… well as much as a pair of pj’s can be “worked” with her cute pose; I on the other hand look quite “stiff!”
     Ashley would sometimes spend the night at my parents house when I was in high school because I loved babysitting her. She was so entertaining and such a bubbly little girl. I am not even joking, even though Ashley was like 8 or 9 in this photo she knew how to braid my hair. I am not talking about just for fun sloppy braids but those cute “Alicia Keys” type braids. It was kinda weird to have my little cousin do it but she was talented at a very young age.
     One weekend Ashley visited but neither of us planned on her sleeping over so she didn’t bring any extra clothes. Ashley was too tiny to wear one of my shirts but I didn’t want her to be uncomfortable sleeping in her “regular clothes” either so I just gave her my 10 year old pj’s talk about old “hand me downs” but they were uber cute. Sometimes if you save something for a long time you might find it hard to “let go” but trust me it’s really not that bad.
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